Teaming Up & Happy Dogs present:
Canine Fitness
2-day Seminar
Building strength and confidence
from puppy fur to gray muzzle

for the first time in Switzerland


Exercise mind&body indoors • Strengthen muscle and bones • Build confidence and balance • Promote health and mobility for aging dogs •
Sharpen your training skills • Strengthen your bond

Canine Fitness is a lot more than throwing the ball for your dog. Dogs participate in structured exercises, both on the floor and using fitness and training equipment, that are appropriate for your dog’s current fitness level. Fitness exercises are fun for your dog and provide numerous benefits. Fitness exercises improve body awareness which can lead to more confidence and other positive changes in behavior. They are also a very effective way to help our gray muzzles stay in great shape as long as possible (find out more with this article).

ccft_141x141This 2-day seminar will cover the main fitness exercises that can be built up with young, adult, and senior dogs, as well as what to look for when you are training your or your client’s dog to ensure safety, fun, and efficiency. There will be plenty of lectures, videos, and live demos for both working and auditor (without dog) spots. On the Sunday afternoon, clients with senior dogs will be invited to join us so we can look very practically at exercises that would benefit them and they can safely perform, and how to coach their owners in the process.

Themes that will be covered (not in that particular order)

• Foundation exercises for fitness
• Fitness exercises specific to the hind-end, front-end, core, etc.
• Targeting!
• Backing up
• Side-stepping
• Platform exercises
• Hind-leg targeting
• From on-the-ground exercises to Fitness equipment, e.g. balance disc or platforms
• Exercises specifically for Aging Dogs (client demos on Sunday afternoon)
• Keeping fitness fun and fear-free — how to train fitness behaviors :)
• Proper form/alignment for all exercises
• Benefits of all exercises shown in the workshop
• How to keep your dog safe during fitness exercises, including setting up the environment
• When to stop doing a certain exercise or an exercise session, what to look for
• Honing in observation skills as a primary focus
• Physiological issues to look for in dogs

About the speaker: Lori STEVENS

Lori Stevens (CPDT-KA, SAMP, CCFT) is a Senior Tellington TTouch® practitioner for dogs, cats, and other animals. She is also a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA); a FitPAWS Master Trainer; a certified Small Animal (dogs and cats) Massage Practitioner (SAMP) with a specialty in rehabilitation; and is certified in Canine Massage by the National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure & Massage. Lori is also a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (CCFT) via the University of Tennessee.

She uses humane, friendly, scientific, and innovative methods, in an educational environment, to improve the health, behavior, and performance of animals. Lori’s experience and approach are holistic and one of respect for animals as teachers. She continually studies the interactions among animal behavior, movement, learning, and health. Her continuing education includes conferences (e.g. Clicker Expo) and seminars on animal behavior (e.g. Dr. Susan Friedman), positive-reinforcement-based training, canine fitness, and rehabilitation techniques. She has an established companion animal practice in Seattle which offers private sessions and webinars. She also teaches workshops worldwide. Lori has three DVDs produced by Tawzer Dog Videos.

Hosted by : Teaming Up Consulting & Happy Dogs Education Canine

Date : Mai 26-27, 2018

Target Audience : Canine professionals (trainers, competitors, ostheopaths, etc) – active/sport dog (all ages) owners – senior dog owners

Participants : 40 participants incl. 8 working spots (with dog)

Location : Genthod (GE)

Cost : Working spots: CHF 300.-, auditor spots CHF 250.-

Languages : English and French (consecutive translation, course material available in English or French)

Sign-up :Sign-up form

Further information : via e-mail: or call: +41 78 836 18 63