The first weeks when a dog enters our life, whatever his age at that time, are a crucial time which lays down the path on which we will walk together for the next years. Learning to communicate and understand each other, to set rules and to work together from the start, those corner stones lay the foundation of a solid team!

puppy training

Those that take the time to plan and manage the arrival of their companion from the very beginning and who want to “do it right” so that he can feel good and grow up harmoniously are very close to my heart.

Thus, if you would like support from the very beginning when your companion arrives, I offer a special pack of lessons at a bargain price. 8 individual lessons spread over the first 2 months from the acquisition date of your puppy or adoption date of your dog (or even before if you would like help preparing) for 250.- (this low price is offered in exchange for your commitment to visit puppy classes, be it with us or elsewhere)

Preparing the arrival, choosing the breed/puppy, miscellaneous advice, first exercices and basic rules to be put in place at home: tailored-made coaching to help you start this adventure with your dog on the right foot!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further details.