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Course Participants Language Location Schedule
Training Anywhere
all levels
Max 5 F/E Various locations, Geneva September 2018
Training Anywhere all levels Max 5 F/E Various locations, Nyon September 2018
Puppy class Max 5 F/E Duillier, Andy’s Friends Friday 11:00-12:00
Basic obedience training Max 10 F/E Puplinge, Sac à Puces Saturday 10:00-11:00
Puppy class Max 8 F/E Puplinge, Sac à Puces Saturday 11:00-12:00
Agility Max 6 F/E Puplinge, Sac à Puces Saturday 14:00-15:30
Rallye-Obedience Max 5 F/E Puplinge, Sac à Puces September 2018

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Course descriptions

Clicker training:
ClickerThe clicker has been recognized by the best trainers as an efficient tool in animal training. It allows the trainer to put the instincts and association capacities of dogs (cats, rabbits or chicken…) to good use and thus optimize the learning process.

The clicker is a clear, precise and stable marker signal (it does not change like the voice would with fatigue or stress). With it the trainer can communicate the exact moment where the dog does what is right, making it easier for him to learn precise movements and positions and construct behaviors. It can be a great tool for basic and advanced obedience, for agility, to learn funny “tricks” and new behaviors, or even to modify unwanted behavior by reinforcing and constructing alternative behavior.

Through ever changing and fun exercises, you will learn to use the clicker, manage and better your timing, to handle different rewards, and most importantly to encourage active cooperation between you and your dog.

Open to puppies and dogs of all ages and backgrounds, calls for a bit of coordination and patience from the handler.

Trick-DoggingTrick-dogging was initially developed in the context animal castings for advertisement and movies. It combines funny tricks and some behaviors from service dog in a relaxed atmosphere, where the dogs just get to put on their show: from the famous “shoot the dog” to unzipping and taking off their owner’s jacket, opening cupboards or putting away their own toys, Tricking is a very fun way to learn to better know one’s dog, strengthen the relationship and learn to work with them as a team, without ever getting the feeling of being “at work”.

Trick-dogging can be practiced by all dogs whatever their age, breed, size or weight… The choice of tricks and how they are executed will be adapted to each dog so that they can have fun doing it and bring a smile to those around them… And who knows, for those who aspire to, maybe one day they will participate in a real casting!

Open to puppies 6 months and older (for the younger ones, the clicker course offers a good alternative to start with), and to dogs of all ages, calls for a bit of coordination, a lot of patience from the handler, and of course most important of all, your good mood!

Training/Socialisation anywhere
Training anywhere“When we’re at the dog school, it’s never a problem, but outside it just doesn’t work…” Have you ever had this reaction? Many dog act differently when they are at a dog school. They know that they are there “to work”. The same behavior called for on the outside is just not the same to them.

To change this state of mind and work their socialisation (getting used to different places and situation, managing meetings of all kinds of things) at the same time, I’d like to move our dog school to different places, working in different contexts with different kind and levels of distraction, so that your dog learns to work with you and be attentive to you wherever you are. You will also learn to manage different levels of distraction, helping your dog to achieve success in the exercises as well as protecting him from unnecessary stress.

Open to puppies 4 months and older and to dogs of all ages who get along with their fellow dogs and do not show excessive fear of humans (if this is your dog’s case private lessons might be better suited to start with). 

NB: The dogs will always work on leash in this course, except eventually and exceptionally in areas who specifically allow otherwise.

Walk & Train
Why not combine work with pleasure? Taking a walk in the woods or in the fields with our dogs, as well as working specific aspects of their training, or learning different games and activities to keep them busy and attentive during hikes, this is the goal of the “train & walk” events.

We will take walks as a small group in different places, discovering neat places while working on training aspects linked to walks. Different techniques for crossing paths with other dogs, horses and other distractions, strengthening the recall, not eating everything and anything that lies at the side of the road, working on keeping a maximal distance (radius) from the owner, managing hunting instincts, but also scent and search games, wood agility, and so much more: The content will be customized to the participants’ needs and interests.

Open to dogs of 6 months and older, who get along with fellow dogs and have a recall construction that is on the right path. The walks are maximum 2 hours long and always loop back to the starting point (parking or bus/train stop).