Paul Watzlawick said : One cannot not communicate.

Dog training follows the same principles: we do educate them 7 days a week, whether we mean to or not… for better or for worse… it’s up to us.

Investing time in training your companion is all about setting the stage for a positive and enjoyable relationship for you both. It’s also about teaching him how to behave and adjust to a society that has its own rules, thus avoiding conflicts and securing a better acceptance from the people around you.

Today is the best time to start training!

You don’t have a puppy yet? Plan ahead – learn about the different breeds and their needs – choose a dog that will fit your lifestyle and expectations – gather information about breeders and other organisation like the SPA – about the pros and cons of getting a puppy, an adolescent dog or an adult one;
And of course, when the choice has been made, have fun preparing for his arrival!

Remember the swiss law requires that you follow a theory course before acquiring your first dog: contact us! (duly authorized by the FSVO as well as by the Vaud and Geneva authorities to give out the mandatory theoretical and practical courses).

Check out our Starter Pack!

Check out our Starter Pack!

Your puppy has just arrived?  It’s the ideal opportunity to build your “team” on the best foundations. The first months are a key stage for the development of a dog, his adjustment to the world he will live in and his socialisation.

You’ve adopted a teenage or an adult dog?  By making time for classes you will learn to understand him and his language better, build up a good communication and work as a team to get the best out of your life together.

general training, clicker, tricks, ...

general training, clicker, tricks, …

Specific training, individualised courses

Specific training, individualised courses

You haven’t taken any classes until now, but…
It’s never too late to start! Training and K9 activities are a way to strengthen the bond and the cooperation between you and your companion, a good way to keep him busy too, and of course an opportunity to enjoy fun times together…