Teaming up sums up how I view dog training and life with a dog in general.  It’s about getting to know and understand our companion, about working as a team by using his strengths and allowing him to have weaknesses, about creating a synergy and nurturing our relationship on a daily basis.

Adult trainer in the field of dog training

My goal is to coach you so that you can build up this team spirit with your dog, and nurture a balanced and harmonious relationship with them in the process:  you have the resources to do this!

Methods based on the principles of positive reinforcement

There are 4 basic ways to modify behavior; reinforcement methods make it likelier that the dog will repeat the behavior, punishment aims at diminishing the probability of it:

Positive reinforcement

Granting something pleasant
for ex : a treat, a toy, attention…

Negative reinforcement

Removing something unpleasant
For ex : Easing up pressure on his backside
when the dog sits,…

Negative punishment

Removing something pleasant
For ex : attention, an expected treat,…

Positive punishment

Inflicting something unpleasant
For ex : jerk on leash, intimidation,…

Widely recognized by experts and scientists (learning theory) as being the most efficient tool for reliable long term behavior modification, positive reinforcement is also the method that implies the least risks and unwanted side effects.
Of course, it is impossible to educate a dog by exclusively using positive reinforcement, but it should in my view always remain the foundation of our work, other methods must be used sparingly and with much caution.  No aversive tools or methods (which intently inflict pain or fear in the dogs) will be allowed in my classes.