Being an ex-pat, with very little French speaking experience, I was able to not only call and get an appointment within a week to start lessons, she was able to answer all of my questions and get me started quickly.
Vinciane was always on time for our one-on-one training sessions and was able to accommodate slight adjustments to time/date when properly notified.
The instruction was easy to follow and I was able to practice successfully on my own after the lesson. When concerns were voiced, Vinciane was able to offer effective suggestions.
I did participate in 2 group puppy training sessions after completion of my packaged set, and feel Jolie was challenged to focus. It was clear we needed to continue with more as they are very good practice. I look forward to joining future group dog instructions as socializing and training my dog when other dogs are around is important – and is effective when Vinciane is instructing.
I would highly recommend using Teaming Up for your future dog training needs.

Marilee G., Perroy

I first met Vinciane after my friend arranged for her to come to her house to conducted the mandatory theory course privately.  I had adopted a one year old male American cocker spaniel called Clyde.
We were Clyde’s third home and we were confused as to why none of the other families wanted to keep him as he was lovely.   After around two months, we realised that Clyde had quite a few issues that manifested themselves when he was out for his walks.  He would bark at people, other dogs and especially children. At home, he was very placid and spent most of his time sleeping! I have two young children and though I trusted him around them, I asked Vinciane to come for a couple private consultations as I wanted to be sure that the barking outside was not aggressive as that would of been a deal breaker for us.   Vinciane was able to assess that Clyde’s barking was a mixture of excitement and fear. Her time and knowledge was invaluable and  she gave me excellent advice and techniques that have helped us and Clyde.
I would highly recommend Vinciane.  She is patient, knowledgeable and clearly has a passion and love for animals. She was always available and I really feel she was a key element to making Clyde a part of our family.

Charlotte D., Founex, Nov 2016

We enlisted the help of Vinciane after adopting a 2 year old dog from a shelter (he had been at the shelter for 3 months). He was a clearly happy dog, with no aggression whatsoever, but he did have a few issues that we asked Vinciane to assist us with. This included an absolute fear of getting the car, pulling on the lead while walking and responding to basic instructions. Vinciane was really great to work with. She was kind, caring and compassionate. As well as general guidance about how to help our dog feel comfortable in his new environment, she gave us practical advice and we learnt new skills to address each issue. We would then practice in between training sessions. Vinciane was clearly an experienced trainer and we appreciate all the training tips, guidance and advice we received. We also liked the theoretical framework from which Vinciane worked, that is to support change in our dog’s behaviour with encouragement and rewards rather than hard discipline and punishment. With some time and commitment, our dog now walks on the lead calmly and without pulling, he rides around in the car, and among other things responds to requests to sit, stay, come and shake hands. We wholeheartedly thank Vince for her time and effort. 

Rachael H., Geneva, Nov 2016

Negro’s Mick Jagger, my English Cocker Spaniel, and I first became involved with Vinciane and her Teaming Up program due to the required obedience certificate for canines moving to the Geneva canton.  That was over a year ago, and we have long since passed the number of hours required by the Canton, but we have continued weekly training due to the very interesting training matrix and Vinciane’s vast knowledge of dogs and their behavior.  
Well, that is my reason………. but the most compelling is that Mick simply loves the classes and I know this for a fact: as he goes crazy with excitement when we drive into any area that is associated with Vinciane’s previous training.  For those of you who know Cockers, that is high praise indeed.

Richard C., Avusy, Nov 2016

I have a beagle that can be a difficult breed to train. Vince helped me train Ruby over 6 months and I don’t know how we would have managed without her expertise. From teaching your dog how to sit, stay and come to helping you build a healthy relationship together, we loved our training sessions. I highly recommend training with Vince from the beginning to get the most out of your dog.

Kirsty, Vessy, Nov 2016

Vinciane is a kind, patient and knowledgeable trainer. Her lessons are creative, relevant and have helped my dog and I immensely to prepare for situations in real life. I love that her training locations change and are in areas where everyday distractions occur. Vinciane takes great care to control and keep the training safe for everyone and adapts her lessons very well for all levels and abilities. I always feel we come away having achieved something as the situations or distractions are never the same and I feel that training and socialising our dogs in this controlled manner is great for building confidence for both the owners and their dogs. My dog and I thoroughly enjoy her lessons and we can highly recommend Vinciane as a trainer.

Michelle, Givrins, Nov 2016

Thank you for the all you taught me in training my beagle puppy Layla. I think the most important thing was all the positive reinforcement you taught me, i still use the yes command when she is good and follow up with a treat or a pat and she responds so well to it, as she does with the no command, she defiantly know the difference and with these two simple commands we communicate well, thanks to you. She is an easy going happy dog and listens to me most of the time. Your dog training has helped us both a lot. Many thanks

Tansy B., Geneva, Nov 2016

One Response to Client Feedback

  1. Eduard says:

    In a different setup, one once told me: as much as I’d explain you will not understand, feel what I am saying; therefore you have to be in, to live it in order to get a full grasp of what it is. The same is with Vinciane. The About introductory page of her website, is not a simple list of words….she lives and breaths those in her every action, advice, word and attention she gives to dogs…any dogs. Your dog will LOVE her, and you’ll not regret once the choice of having her as the coach for your 4 paws family member!
    A rare combination of calm, professionalism, discretion, modesty, multiple languages spoken, and above all a true passion for dogs…you will easily see that’s not a business for her, but more a frue benefit for us, for you…
    I am thankful for all the advices Vinciane gave us throughout time (almost 1 year now). They halped us tremendously in shaping a true complete family consisting of adults, children of different ages and our beloved, sensitive and naughty Labrador.
    A HUGE thank YOU Vinci! Chapeau for everything you’re doing!!

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