ATN/FSVO recognized Dog Trainer
ATN certified Animal psychologist with specialisation in Canine behaviour counselling
Certified BAT Instructor (CBATI)
Certificate of Excellence for completion of Living & Learning with Animals (LLA)
SFAL certified Adult Trainer
Accredited by the FSVO as well as by the cantonal veterinary offices of Geneva and Vaud (Profiles 1/1+)

Dogs and me, it’s a long story…

Ballade en familleFidjieIt all started with Tom, the Welsh Terrier, who arrived when I was just 1 year old…
My whole family still remembers my “when I grow up…” statements which always seemed to end with something linked to dogs! How logical that I got my very first summer job working for a local breeder, and invested my salary in a precious little Bichon Frisé called Fidjie.
With her, I really caught the bug: from one training book to the other, from basic education to tricks in the living room and in the garden; as a 16-year-old can be, I was quite proud at my little companion heeling, reliably coming when called and… howling on command :-P .

Roxy, the Tervuren, came to stand alongside my mother in some of her toughest times, granting her priceless support. It is also with her that I first stepped into a training club and discovered agility and obedience sports.



PetBook_VincianeDeBruyne_026In 2009, Eija joined my adventures, and in 2015 Flam came to complete the Team; between sports, tricks and search rescue training with Redog, I learned so much since they’ve come my way. Getting to know each other, learning to understand each other, growing together to become a team, finding a synergy to advance as a team, never easy and yet always enthralling…

I decided to live my passion and kinship towards dogs to the full by combining it with my experience in adult education. After 3 years of studies about canine ethology and dog training, I now enjoy each opportunity to side with those that choose to share their daily adventures with these wonderful companions. The road of a human-dog-team can be sometimes exhilarating, sometimes constricting, sometimes stressful. We learn through this every day, and so do they, this is perhaps the greatest beauty of the adventure!

Vinciane De Bruyne