As in every other area, staying up to date with the latest reasearch and methods is essential to offer a good quality of service.  Animal behavior and training is at the center of numerous research, as is learning theory.  I want to draw my tools from the latest acknowledged practices and from those that have been proven most effective to accompany you in the daily training as well as when you face difficulties. As such, attending training seminars is a given.

Training seminars


Canine Behavior Consultation
Modeling and processing a behavior consultation (2 days)
Jean Lessard
Summer Training Camp
Behavior Analysis and Modification, theory and practice (chickens, dogs). 6-day practical training
Dr. Susan G. Friedman
& Chirag Patel
Practical Puppy Training Instructor Course
Helping puppies develop socialisation skills and teaching their owners how to allow the puppy to develop appropriate skills and create a puppy-human relationship that is based on trust, confidence and empowerment. 5-day practical training
Chirag Patel

DogEvent 2016

The Journey(s) of a Rescue Dog (1h) Dr. Antoine Bouvresse, Dr. Thierry Bedossa, Charlotte Duranton
Rescue Dogs, Encouraging Behavios that will get them Adopted(1h)
New Behavior Analytic Approaches to Problem Behaviors (4h)
Advanced Aspects of Canine Language and Cognition (4h)
Dr. Clive Wynne
What to tell Adopters about how Dogs Acclimate to a New Environment(1h)
Breed Specific Behaviors in Dogs (2h)
Effective Training Schedules for Dogs (2h)
How Dogs Adapt to a New Environment and how to Help (2h)
Managing Dogs in Training (Emphasis on Aggressive Behaviors) (2h)
Arousal, Impulse Control & Problem Behaviors (4h)
Ken McCort
Canine Nutrition and Nutrigenomics Dr. Jean Dodds


Living and Learning with Animals, the Science & Technology of Behavior Change (complete curriculum, certificate of excellence) Dr. Susan G. Friedman, Ph.D.
“Advanced” Clicker Training Jean Lessard
Enriching and Training (dogs) in a Shelter/Rescue Environment Jean Lessard

DogEvent 2015

1-day seminar: Living and Learning with Animals – The Science Behind the Training and its Application for Best Results Dr. Susan G. Friedman
1-day seminar: The Evolution of the Modern Trainer, Training, Expectations and Competencies Ken Ramirez
2-day seminar: What Not to Err: Training Mistakes that Create Headaches for Dogs Kathy Sdao
Doggyoga workshop – Postures that Calm Jo-Rosie Haffenden
Husbandry Training workshop – Shaping the Perfect Patient Chirag Patel


BAT Instructors Course: Behavior Adjustment Training for dogs presenting reactions of agressivity, fear or frustration Grisha Stewart
Training is… 5 day internship working with dogs presenting various challenges from hyperexcitability to dog reactivity or seeking to better specific behaviors for sports Dr. Ute Blaschke-Berthold


BAT for puppies and adult dogs seminar: Preventing and rehabilitating aggression, fear and frustration Grisha Stewart


Management and cooperative substitute activities for hunting dogs Dr. Ute Blaschke-Berthold

Using targets in the context of problem behaviors Dr. Ute Blaschke-Berthold

Learning and training – anticipating and managing in a sovereign manner Silvia Peter Pfister
Planing and structuring training sessions and programs Esther Follmann
Managing fear of noises and thunder, separaiton anxiety Dr. Ute Blaschke-Berthold
TTouch® Foundation course for dogs Lisa Leicht
2012 Communicaiton with clients – Principles of communication and conflict management Angela Tang
Approaches and methods for behavior modification training Dr. Ute Blaschke-Berthold
Difficult encounters, crossing paths with other dogs Ursula Schöb
Managing and diverting hunting instincts Irene Julius
Managing dog walks and making them fun Irene Julius
Specificities of puppies and young dogs and their education Gabriela Capraro
Learning and training – exercises for every day Silvia Peter Pfister
Canine body language Dr. Joachim Leidhold
Agility – Novice trainer’s course François Vuillerminaz
2011 Canissimo workshop – discovering various canine activities Yannick Thoulon


Canissimo workshop – building up trust and complicity Yannick Thoulon
 TTouch® Workshop for pets Anne Meylan