Leider ist zur Zeit kein Feedback auf Deutsch verfügbar (bitte Französisch oder English nachschlagen)

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  1. Eduard says:

    In a different setup, one once told me: as much as I’d explain you will not understand, feel what I am saying; therefore you have to be in, to live it in order to get a full grasp of what it is. The same is with Vinciane. The About introductory page of her website, is not a simple list of words….she lives and breaths those in her every action, advice, word and attention she gives to dogs…any dogs. Your dog will LOVE her, and you’ll not regret once the choice of having her as the coach for your 4 paws family member!
    A rare combination of calm, professionalism, discretion, modesty, multiple languages spoken, and above all a true passion for dogs…you will easily see that’s not a business for her, but more a frue benefit for us, for you…
    I am thankful for all the advices Vinciane gave us throughout time (almost 1 year now). They halped us tremendously in shaping a true complete family consisting of adults, children of different ages and our beloved, sensitive and naughty Labrador.
    A HUGE thank YOU Vinci! Chapeau for everything you’re doing!!

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